Stock Keg Collars

From our brand

Our stock keg collars are printed and ready to ship out the next business day. These keg collars are a standard size of 6.5in with a 2.25″ cutout and printed on 12 point coated paperboard. They include preprinted production date labels, government and pressure warning. Ample space is provided to write in other important information such as the brewery’s name, the type of beer and where it is brewed and packed.

blank keg collarsVery affordable

500 collars for just $50

High Quality

12 pt. coated paperboard

Includes Standard Warnings

Printed Government and Pressure Warnings

Easy to Use

Includes Date Ring and Brewed & Packed By

Ready to ship next business day

Ships same day or following business day

Made in the USA

Printed, cut and shipped from Oregon

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