Feature Friday: GoodLife Brewing

GoodLife Brewing Keg Collars

About GoodLife Brewing:

Brewing on a 30 barrel, 4-vessel brew system that was built right here in Oregon, We strive to creates fresh craft ales. Our system is custom designed to produce quality beer. Contemplate the balance it takes to gracefully zip down a tight tree run on your ski’s. This is the image we perceive when we balance a malt and hop profile, a natural requirement for everything we brew. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings, the stimulating culture, and fantastic lifestyle that is true to Central Oregon, we like to think we know the definition of a GoodLife. Learn more here.

GoodLife Brewing Keg Collars

About GoodLife Brewing’s Branding:

GoodLife Brewing is a tribute to the incredibly good life we live in Bend, Oregon, our hometown. On foot, bike, skis, in a kayak, on a cliff, over a mountain, and under a full moon, our beer makes life better. Each brew is crafted with the finest quality ingredients money can buy. Northwest and select imported hops, quality malts, and highly prized pristine Central Oregon water that has won awards and acclaim from experts who know good H2O.

Our trademark is brewing an outstanding, well-balanced beer that is not overly bitter, sweet or heavy. With our custom-designed brew system, we produce exceptional craft ales known for their distinctive malt balance and hop aroma. When you down one you’ll say, “Cheers to the GoodLife!”

GoodLife Brewing Keg Collars

GoodLife Brewing Keg Collars

How did you find out about KegCollars.net and what do you like most about working with us?

We found out about keg collars.net from seeing the quality of work they’d done for our friends and their breweries.
You make it quick, easy and effortless to order.

GoodLife Brewing Keg Collars

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