Feature Friday: Spellbound Brewery

About Spellbound Brewing:

Spellbound is 3 passionate beer geek homebrewer’s that decided it was time to take our recipes to the big leagues. The three of us (Mike Oliver, John Companick, Scott Reading) have collectively been brewing for 50 years.

Spellbound BrewingWe are all passionate about the craft beer movement and helping the community where we can.

We focus on brewing beers that are bold representations of our favorite styles. From great everyday beers to extreme styles like imperial stouts, barleywines, and gruits.

Expect lots of pilot batch tasting room only beers to let us flex our creative brewing skills. Peach double IPA, Vanilla Maple Porter, Jalepeno Ghost Pepper IPA, White Sage Black Pepper Saison… just a start

We are a 20barrel Brewing out of my Holly Nj. We opened Oct 11, 2014

Spellbound Brewing Keg Collars from KegCollars.net

About their Brand and Beer:

We have 6 beers out in bars and restaurants on tap and also have an in house canning line for our IPA and porter
(And more to come)

We also distribute peach IPA, Palo Santo Porter, and Citra Pale Ale. Our seasonal is an oatmeal raisin cookies ale.

Spellbound Brewing Keg Collars from KegCollars.net

How did you learn about KegCollars.net and how was your experience?

We learned about kegcollars via Google search. Had good reviews and exactly what we needed

Kegcollars makes ordering easy, plus the quality is top notch.

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