Feature Friday: Silver Moon Brewing

About Silver Moon Brewing:

The third oldest brewery in Bend, Silver Moon Brewing prides itself on a rich history and focus on producing award winning, balanced beers, sure to satisfy any palate. We offer a variety of styles from Gold Medal winning Darkside Stout to Head Brewer Jeff Schauland’s breakout IPA 97, as well as many small batch & barrel aged specialties.

About Silver Moon’s Branding:

Our branding company is Blindtiger, out of Seattle. They created a collection of new logos & designs, based on our desire to celebrate the Northwest Lifestyle. Our core 3 year round brews each promote & celebrate a lifestyle, & there is something for everyone! IPA 97 is what we call our “destination beer”. Great for taking on road trips (to enjoy AFTER you reach your destination, of course, not WHILE your getting there 🙂 ). Get Sum Pale Ale is meant to inspire you to go out and GET SUM, whether that be mountain biking, climbing, skiing…all the things we love to do outside. The sweatier, the better! Chapter 2 Casual Ale is for those who like to keep it casual, whether in front of a campfire, chilling on the couch in your slippers, or during a long hot day down at the river. Shoes optional.

Silver Moon Keg Collars Keg Wraps

How did you find KegCollars.net?

I believe we found out about keg collars because our head brewer, Jeff, is friends with Nate!

Silver Moon Keg Collars Keg Wraps

What did you like most about working with KegCollars.net?

I loved working with Nate. He was very responsive & relayed all my design ideas to the graphic designer perfectly. On the ball & very communicative. PLUS, the results were awesome! Our kegs never looked so good!

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